Our Process

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Quality & Hygiene Process

From Farm to Your Doorstep

Step 1

Hand Milking

For countless centuries, Hand milking is a traditional method of extracting milk from cows or other dairy animals, and it is the primary method performed at Paavni organic farms. we have professional milkers who gently massage the udders of our cows and use their fingers to squeeze the milk out into a container. during this process, our milkers maintain themselves careful not to give any agony or pain to the animals.

At Paavni Farms we are deeply invested in the quality of our milk, and hand milking is an important part of our dedication to supplying our customers with only the best dairy products.

Step 2


Microfiltration is a process of eliminating microparticles and bacteria from milk using customized filters. At Paavni Farms, microfiltration is an important step in our production process to assure the highest quality of our dairy products. This technique helps to eliminate bacterial, spores, and other undesirable particles that can impact the quality, texture, and storage life of the milk. The microfiltration procedure includes passing the milk through a sequence of porous filters with micropores ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 microns. These filters catch the undesirable particles while enabling the milk's nutrition and taste to flow across. The outcome is clean, fresh-tasting milk with longer storage.

Step 3

Resazurin Test

The Resazurin test is a regularly used technique to detect the microbiological activity and quality of milk. At Paavni Farms, we perform the Resazurin test as a quality control technique to verify that our milk meets the highest standards. We do this test periodically on our milk samples to check the microbiological activity and verify that our milk is fresh and safe for consumption. If the Resazurin test indicates a substantial color change within a specified time frame, it may indicate a problem with the milk's quality, and we take the required actions to investigate and resolve it. By performing the Resazurin test, we maintain the quality and safety of our milk products and give our consumers with the healthiest dairy products on the market.

Step 4


Packaging is our most important step in ensuring the quality and freshness of our milk at Paavni Farms. We use high-quality packaging materials to preserve our milk from contamination and keep its nutritional content. Our milk is often packaged in airtight containers made of food-grade materials like glass. These containers are designed to prevent oxygen and light from entering, which can cause oxidation and deterioration of the milk.

We spend extra efforts to guarantee the packing process is efficient and meets all the relevant safety and quality standards. By using the correct packaging materials and following thorough quality control measures, we can assure that our milk is fresh, safe, and delicious for our consumers to enjoy.

Step 5


Doorstep delivery is the final step in our process at Paavni Milks. We understand that convenience is important to our consumers, and that's why we offer delivery services straight to their homes. Our delivery personnel is trained to handle our milk products with care and ensure that they are delivered safely and on time.

Before delivery, our staff verifies the quality of the milk products to guarantee that they satisfy our high standards. We also take efforts to preserve the milk's temperature during delivery, using insulated packaging and refrigerated trucks to prevent wastage. To know more, Contact Us.