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Farm Fresh Cow Milk

Rs. 50 per litre

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Paneer Rs. 80 per 250 gm

Malai Paneer Rs. 95 Per 250 gm

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Rs. 750 per Litre

Why Our Products

We deliver quality products.

Milk produced at our farm is from stress free and happy cattle. Our cows are happy because they are free to roam within the shed. They have 24X7 access to fodder and safe drinking water. We provide balanced feed to our cattle so they give us best milk. ultimately a healthy and happy cow gives best milk in the world which can be bettered by only mother's milk.

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Some word about us

Good prices. Good vibes. Good things.

Our hope is that the price Indians pay for food will someday reflect the real cost of producing it: the stewardship required to make sure that the land will remain fertile and productive, the health and benefits necessary to maintain an active labor force, a strong rural community, and a profit margin that will provide the incentive for people like us to spend every waking moment producing food and fiber for the rest..

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